Thursday, December 1, 2011

thanky kate :)

I can cross a bunch of stuff off my list just because I have this awesome friend named Kate. We go on adventures and have crafternoons because we are the coolest :P But she's running away soon for 7 months and I'm going to miss her so freaking much so we have to jam-pack our adventures over the next couple of months so I get my Kate fix. I'm not making sense. LIST STUFF:

She got me a postsecret book for my birthday :) it's beautiful. So, 98). Own a postsecret or street art/graffiti book can be crossed off.

The last adventure we went on took us to st. ives for the night markets ( so another market crossed off for 25). ) which were cute. There were giant blow up ball things with children inside, floating on a pool thing which looked fun but not appropriate for dress wearing people such as ourselves. We saw Thelma and a kind of shitty band and loads of christmas stuff. Then we ran away to the beach and saw a ridiculous amount of people kite surfing ( which we didn't know the name of at the time ). After walking for forever we got to an ocean pool thing and decided that even though we brought swimmers and left them in the car we couldn't not go swimming so jumped in in our underwear. Meaning I can cross off another swimming sesh for 26). :) Jussaying, you don't realise how far you've walked along a beach until you have to walk back. The walk back is a bitch. But thai food and lads being arrested off a bus made things better :P

Speaking of swimming, I may have had a repeat adventure of the ocean pool thing variety last night. I say it counts because I was fully in the water, but I didn't stay there long. It was really fucking cold. And it sobered me up almost instantly. It was a really awesome bunch of people I was with though. I do love that crowd. And I freaking love the beach. I need to go more often.

WUP WUP WUP. Nick says I can cross off 15). because we had a horror movie marathon in the form of the Resident Evil movies. They were kind of stupid. I want to watch more zombie movies. I figured one universe wasn't enough to count as a horror movie marathon but whatevs. I like crossing shit off :)


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