Thursday, December 1, 2011

thanky kate :)

I can cross a bunch of stuff off my list just because I have this awesome friend named Kate. We go on adventures and have crafternoons because we are the coolest :P But she's running away soon for 7 months and I'm going to miss her so freaking much so we have to jam-pack our adventures over the next couple of months so I get my Kate fix. I'm not making sense. LIST STUFF:

She got me a postsecret book for my birthday :) it's beautiful. So, 98). Own a postsecret or street art/graffiti book can be crossed off.

The last adventure we went on took us to st. ives for the night markets ( so another market crossed off for 25). ) which were cute. There were giant blow up ball things with children inside, floating on a pool thing which looked fun but not appropriate for dress wearing people such as ourselves. We saw Thelma and a kind of shitty band and loads of christmas stuff. Then we ran away to the beach and saw a ridiculous amount of people kite surfing ( which we didn't know the name of at the time ). After walking for forever we got to an ocean pool thing and decided that even though we brought swimmers and left them in the car we couldn't not go swimming so jumped in in our underwear. Meaning I can cross off another swimming sesh for 26). :) Jussaying, you don't realise how far you've walked along a beach until you have to walk back. The walk back is a bitch. But thai food and lads being arrested off a bus made things better :P

Speaking of swimming, I may have had a repeat adventure of the ocean pool thing variety last night. I say it counts because I was fully in the water, but I didn't stay there long. It was really fucking cold. And it sobered me up almost instantly. It was a really awesome bunch of people I was with though. I do love that crowd. And I freaking love the beach. I need to go more often.

WUP WUP WUP. Nick says I can cross off 15). because we had a horror movie marathon in the form of the Resident Evil movies. They were kind of stupid. I want to watch more zombie movies. I figured one universe wasn't enough to count as a horror movie marathon but whatevs. I like crossing shit off :)


Sunday, October 23, 2011


holy shiiiiiit, I'm crap at blogging. I'd like to think it's coz I'm super busy all the time being awesome but really I'm just lazy. I've been lazy with list stuff as well. And finding a job. SUPER LAZY. All the time.

I did donate blood though. The idea was that I'd give away some of my blood and then get stabbed in the ear but then plans changed and now piercing is a social event, involving A and K getting holes in their belly buttons and me getting stabbed in the ear twice for an industrial. But, blood donating. Reason for blogging at last. French lady did the interview, my hemoglobin whatsit is only just acceptable. Same as last time, apparently. And then I had three different women all try to steal my blood. Nah. Well. Ok so first lady was all oh great I'll gather the stuff, but this other person will stab you. Then other person had to go run some machine, so first lady came back and stabbed me. But then first lady went on break and some other lady was all cool, blood moving, not fainting, well done. And then it was over and they gave me crackers and cheese, and a milkshake. My grammer has gone to shit, I'm so sorry. I've been attempting to write an essay all day and I'm less than half finished.

I'm kind of keen for halloween. AND RHYMING. Not really. But the halloween thing for sure. One of my many procrastination sessions/breaks involved getting covered in glitter and watching youtube how-to vids in preparation for next Saturday. If no one else dresses up I won't even care because I'll look freaking amazing. That's the plan anyway. Not keen for the 1hr of public transport dressed up to get there though.

Umm... random list related story: walked from Town Hall to King's Cross (dressed as a zombie school girl no less) and had one of those weird revelation moments over how the city is connected. Getting better at this. Sort of. I think it would help if I possessed any sense of direction.

Also, shout out to H for getting me to blog. I really do appreciate it. I think this is where I'm meant to say he gets all the ladies or something but I forget the exact wording. Sorry bro. You are freaking awesome though. You get that.


p.s. I'm crossing off follow three amazing blogs. Tumblr makes that really fucking easy. I can't explain how easy. I'm following 100+ amazing blogs. EASY.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

stuff for Edy. Your welcome.

Ok, so, donating blood is turning out to be much harder than I expected. After the epic fail, I decided I would just call and reschedule, fill out the miles of paperwork and try to get stabbed for a good cause again. One of their prerequisites is to feel good for a few days before leaking blood in a bag for them, which is a problem because I just had the most disgusting throat infection ever. As in, I had black lumps in the back of my throat and couldn't talk, breathe, eat or sleep. Basically the four things I'm good at. GAH. In fact it was so gross I convinced myself I had throat cancer and have officially stopped smoking. Probably the most short lived addiction ever. So on top of convincing myself I was dying, I had to somehow get to a doctor, which I hadn't had to do since I moved out. It was a horrifying concept. I could hardly get out of bed, let alone all the way to where ever the doctor was. So yeah, screw my independance, I called Papa, and he took me. AND I'm all better now. But I'm not taking anti depressants anymore and my body dislikes this and my face feels like an ocean. OCEAN FACE. It's well weird. But should pass soon. I hope. So yes, feeling like shit means I can't be a good person. Fuck society.

My friend just convinced me to try go to an earlier class so I can travel home with her. I havn't done the homework and I'm going to class early. Does this seem silly to anyone else?


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So yes, I'm failing miserably at 96). Update blog consistently. But in other news I have something that resembles a social life and back at uni, studying it up three days a week. It's pretty awesome. Illustration and Typography are fun, New Media Contexts and Design Issues use big words which is actually a nice change, using my brain for once. I finally went to the doctor and am in the process of coming off the happy pills.

An age ago, H came over and went through my list and decided that the snow trip definitely counted as redoing schoolies. I did kind of feel like that was cheating but by all definitions of the term schoolies, the snow trip covered it. Ok, not quite. I just looked it up on UrbanDictionary and apparently Queensland and/or dirty old men are necessary. But we got the week long piss up bit down.

H also taught me how to blow gum bubbles for 67). but the whole process is bullshit. All I get is this fantastic yet ultimately disappointing pop noise. I was on the train back from uni and had an hour of practice with maybe 12 pop sounds and one bubble that just ended with me having gum all over my lips. GROSS. I need proper bubble gum.

I tried to donate blood the other day. Rocked up at the bus thing, filled in 4 pages of paper work, had an interview, got stabbed in the finger, then stabbed in the arm and then my veins fucked off, leaving me with 2 hours of wasted time and hole in my arm that blood wouldn't come out of. I was all ready to be re-stabbed but because it was my first time donating, they weren't 'allowed' to re-stab me. I was under the impression they were quite desperate for blood. I'm planning on trying again next week.

Rach and I exchanged letters last week :) I got the 4 pages of her tiny writing and sat and read and immediately wrote back. I felt like the most dedicated pen pal ever. 49). is probably my most favourite thing on my list. I miss that girl.

Shout out to Jack for getting me to write this. Bout freaking time. Squeeze Squishy for me :)


Monday, July 4, 2011

snow trip.

So my list is going swimmingly. I went skiing last week :) It was a lot of fun but kind of painful. I did the lesson and was ridiculously awesome compared to everyone else. I fell over only twice. I bruised up my wrist because my watch decided to eat me on the second fall. I would have skied for long time but I was alone and it was freaking hot in my multitude of layers and skiing uses all these muscles I didn't like which ended in a constant hip cramp I couldn't really stretch out. Honestly, staying in a chalet with a bunch of friends makes for a sweet week. I'm all kinds of broke now though. Turns out holidaying is expensive. LAME.

Boring news, I got a health care card so I can finally go to the dentist. Maybe they'll pull out all my wisdom teeth. They haven't hurt in a while but that hasn't stopped them in the past. Bastards.

I took Mother Dearest to Glebe markets the other weekend so that's 7 down now. It was a pretty sweet mix of affordable jewellery, vintage clothing and cool nic-nacs. We got delicious food and I ate curry by choice. Butter chicken definitely counts. We then explored Glebe a bit and found vinnies where she bought me 4 shot glasses. Irresponsible parenting for the win.

Apparently, there will be a blood bank bus thing up at UTS, which is only walking distance away, in August. I hope they don't reject my blood. A friend got told she couldn't because she was anemic, which is a very real possibility for me too because meat is freaking expensive.

Bec and I walked to Redfern for a party the other night and things clicked. Sydney is confusing but I'm getting better. I can get to most places pretty easy now.

I can cross off 64). now because I took a very full happy froggy to the bank before going to the snow. Yay, cash. 76$ worth of 20c pieces. Not quite as much as last time but it definitely helped.

I went several days without a computer at the snow because internet was non-existant. Ditto reception. Travelling to the middle of no where and staying in a remote chalet has its drawbacks, but list helping is appreciated.

That's about it for now. Uni starts back on the 1st of August. I plan to get off the anti-depressants asap. I'm now hooked on Gossip Girl. Yep. Life's pretty sweet.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Turns out writing about boyfriend jinxed it and he dumped me. Which is unfortunate for him coz I'm fucking lovely. And unfortunate for me because I somewhat enjoyed being in a relationship. I know I'm awesome at being single, I wasn't even used to the not single thing yet.

I guess 'having an actual relationship' would include the break up bit, but I was kind of hoping to put that off for a while. You know, until I got bored or something. Boys suck. That's pretty much it.

Life is still freaking sweet though, uni and chilling and not being a smoker. I really don't want to be a smoker. I keep smoking though. Dammit.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

pretty picture

Hey everyone.

Let's ignore the fact that I'm a useless human being. Or blogger. Or both. Ima update you faithful readers and/or stragglers who have come across my poorly updated blog.

LIFE IS AWESOME. 16 year old me would me immensely jealous of where I am right now. Actually any age me would be jealous of my life right now. I'm still on the anti-depressants but I do plan on coming off them in the near future. Uni is fun. I'm making websites and collaging while everyone else is reading text books and writing essays. I live in the city with an awesome room mate and we have this really cool balance of own space and sociableness. I have a boyfriend, which is probably the most surprising part of life-right-now. But it's awesome and so much easier and fun than I made commitment out to be in my mind.

And now that you have a clear pic of how sweet life right now is, I will focus on my list.

5). Go skiing. I've paid money for accommodation for a snow trip at the end of june. I'm quite excited. I'm going with a bunch of my newly made friends ( that I met through darling roommate ) and look forward to embarrassing myself by trying to stay upright on skis.

6). Go to the dentist. I had an appointment and everything and then I realised that 400$ish is excessive when I can go for free, IF I fill out a 28pg form. I've filled it out, now I need to take it to the right person. Which will happen soon.

28). Start donating blood. It's been a year since I got my tattoo which means they want my blood now but it hasn't happened yet. I'm kind of keen on getting another tattoo so I'd really like to give some blood soon. L was meant to take me but he hasn't. Yet.

48). Learn my way around the city. Ok, I'm not a tourist guide yet, but I'm getting close. Catching buses and walking places and just generally living in the city is def helping me :)

57). Paint something for fun 6 times. I decided that homework was boring and painting my pin-up board would be much more enjoyable and therefore I now have a silver pin-up board. I guess by 'painting' I meant on paper or canvas and not just a solid colour but it counts. It was fun. And it looks pretty.

77). Have an actual relationship. So I changed my facebook status to 'In a relationship' which I guess makes it official. The fact that we've been dating for almost 2 months might also have something to do with it.

That's pretty much it folks :) I'm to the theatre with my family tonight, because we're fucking classy that way. I work for my grandmother once or twice a week but haven't received any money yet coz she wants me to get some stupid form. Munchkin has broken a tendon in his thumb and I laughed because I didn't think it was serious. I'm a terrible sibling.

So that was a pretty accurate portrait of my life right now.

If you're bored and wished this was longer, I recommend you go to youtube and watch My Drunk Kitchen because it's A class entertainment.

MuchLove. xx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All Very Exciting

I am sitting on my queen sized bed eating caramel tart flavoured yoghurt and procrastinating my excessive amount of homework. Also, I'm currently ditching uni. I thought I could achieve more if I stayed home. The fact that I haven't achieved anything yet is beside the point. Anyway, I have internet now so I thought it was about time to update you all on my new life.

I can cross off 56). Move out now! I am living in Glebe on the 6th floor of an ugly apartment block with this amazing girl that I went to school with and a cute little cat called Sassafras and my cranky fish called Rupert. We're pretty awesome. I still haven't unpacked everything which is mildly depressive and quite painful as I keep tripping over boxes or have boxes fall at me. Uncool. But I'm super close to everything. 48). is going to be a flipping breeze. And uni is only 1 train away instead of three. It's quite nice. I just need to find me a job so I can actually eat occasionally and that kind of thing.

Hopefully I'll have a housewarming just as fun as the random drunken gathering we had last night.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

31). Sponsor someone doing an event for charity

So a dear friend of mine has decided to shave her head in order to raise money for people suffering with leukaemia. SHAVE HER HEAD. This is kind of a big deal. I would have given her some dosh anyway since this is such a big deal but I gave her a little more than I normally would and crossed off 31). If you want to see how much she has raised or donate yourself ( hint hint ) I shall link you here ( if that doesn't work I will need to bash my head repetitively against a hard surface, I've been coding at uni for two weeks now ).


Monday, March 14, 2011

The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown was pretty darn cool. One of those books that really makes you think. It introduced me to this whole new science called Noetic Science. Or something. Basically it explains the idea that thoughts have mass and therefore have an effect on gravity, the weather, etc. It also taught me a bunch about Washington and the Stonemasons.

This thick book is set over a day. ONLY ONE DAY. That, and the fact that the chapters are super short, you zoom through the book pretty quickly. I’d been pretty keen on reading it because Papa has been reading it since march last year and therefore it’s been out and around a lot, taunting me.( if you are thinking ‘hey, he didn’t zoom through it!’ he did, actually. It’s probably the first book he has persisted with ).

There was this one bit which I’m going to tell you about despite the fact that it is in fact a spoiler. The main character guy was put in a fibreglass coffin and drowned. So at this stage you are all ‘what the actual fuck. You can’t kill the main character. That’s cheating’. Turns out it’s not water but some super substance you can breathe. WEIRD RIGHT?!. But I want to try it. I think it would be very much like being a fish. I want that experience.

I’m thinking 4 stars. It was pretty entertaining, but not brilliant. Dan Brown always makes me think and I do appreciate that.


Gone by Mo Hayder was genius. I love her writing. It’s so gory and graphic and unafraid. This was another Jack Cafferey book which is a brilliant thing as I love these characters. This one was different though because I could see it coming. Mo Hayder usually surprises me ( and to be honest, most thriller mysteries do ) but I guessed who it was before the end. I’m extremely proud of this fact.

I bought this book in Heathrow airport. I was so pissed with the situation I was in I was ready to break noses but I refrained. I’d just waited around for hours and the crappy bookstore was packed and they didn’t have the sequel of the book I just finished and GAH. Stab them all. I finished most of it on the plane.

5 stars because she is amazing and the book is amazing and the character development is amazing AND SO MUCH AMAZINGNESS. Read it. Or her other stuff. Or all of her stuff. NOW.

vampire academy

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead was an amazing series. Not only were they cheap books there was some quality writing in these. M and E have/are reading them and also like them. I started them while I was in Tamworth. I actually ran around unsuccessfully, desperately trying to find the next one for the train home.

The main character is kick-ass, which was definitely overdue since the books I’ve been reading lately have had really wimpy girls who rant and complain about shit all. She can win in a fight, stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t take other people’s drama.

It was a different take on the whole vamp saga. It’s an overdone genre, first to admit it. But I do love vampire fiction. They tend to focus on forbidden love too much though. Vampire academy had this but a whole different spin on it. It also had the mysticism and magik done in such a way that it was interesting and captivating.

I did not like the fact that the author assumed we are all thick and therefore had to spell everything out. Our ‘oh cool’ moment was two chapters before the characters ‘oh cool’ moment. So you did hate the characters sometimes, the whole ‘you idiot! It’s so flipping obvious!’ moments. But, in contrast, she did chuck in a bunch of extreme story line changes that I did not see coming from the beginning.

Weird fact I feel like sharing: one of the characters just randomly has a name change in the last book. Apparently the printing here and in the Americas wasn't in synch so we got two names for one guy. There was an explanation at the start of the last book, which was such an "ah, this is why the books are under 15$ and available at woolworths" moment.

5 stars, my friends. I’ll read it again and I’ll recommend it again. I may even lend it again like I did with E but I’ll probs read them again before that. They are that good. Especially because it’s not sugar coated. It’s realistic despite the fact it’s fantasy.

p.s. I've stopped counting the books I've read for the title. It's just making me a little crazy so titles it is. Also, on the train to and from uni I've been typing up about the books I've read and then just forgotten to post it when I get home. Which is just dumb. So that's why there are about 4 book related posts in a row...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


MAD CHINESE THEME FOR YOU! It’s very exciting-like. On Friday it was Papa’s birthday and we went for dinner at the chinese restaurant we tend to go to celebrate birthdays. I was quite excited; I like to make a fuss when we go out to dinner to better highlight how infrequently we go out for dinner as a family. VERY RARELY. Anyhoo, there was deliciousness. Purpose of actually including all this loveliness is that I can cross off 33). Eat with chopsticks successfully. I went the whole meal without spilling anything on myself, without chucking a shit fit out of impatience or giving up and requesting a fork. Papa even challenged me to pick up half a grain of rice ( sarcastically ) and I got it first go ( win of epic proportions ). And don’t say anything about dessert. I doubt fried icecream is traditionally eaten with chopsticks. AND THEN the next day we went to the Art Gallery of NSW and saw the First Emperor warriors. They were pretty impressive but it was so ridiculously packed I almost went nuts and kicked all the complaining children in the teeth. So the warriors lost some impressiveness. And then the parents were telling the kids the wrong things, half the other stuff in the exhibition were just replicas and then Munchkin got super sick and almost puked/passed out on people. Which I would have let happen if I knew Munchkin wouldn’t get hurt but they’d probably just trample him. He actually has acute tonsillitis ( again ) and is now on penicillin because it’s so terrible. I’m not sure how this is at all list related but there you go. That was my weekend. Mostly. The rest of it I don’t really remember. Not because I was drunk, just because it was pretty uneventful.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

updates from down time.

So welcome back Me to uni, and therefore blogging, as procrastination will be a major element of this semester if the last two semesters are anything to judge by. I’m currently on a train. Back to my life of train journeys. WOOP. Obviously I haven’t suddenly gained tech knowledge and/or money for wireless internet so this will be a copy and paste job but all the same. I’m writing. And I am well aware it’s been a while. Sorry. Don’t freak too much, I haven’t been ignoring my list, just the blogging about it bit. Humm..

Also I went to London. So yes. I have every excuse. Mother Dearest even agreed.

LIST STUFF: I’ve actually done lots. I’m actually quite super at list crossing off of. Maybe not so super at English and grammar. Meh.

I crossed off 3). Go to a moonlight cinema session. I saw Toy Story 3. Hornsby council was awesome for once. They called it “Movies under the Stars” though. Personally I think my wording was much more nifty. I had a lot of fun! It was local so easy for us to gather and nicnic and watch the movie, despite the zillions of small children running around on sugar highs.

Can I just say that if you thought the Human Diseases Museum thing was cheating for 10). I was on a plane for 23 hours for a specific exhibit in the British Museum so stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Or not. Either way, I went to London for an exhibition which is super nerdy but mostly awesome. I did get other list stuff done there. I went to two different markets. Camden markets are so flipping awesome and I shall be going back there with loads of money to spend and a friend who likes the same sort of goth/punk/alternative style. I spent quite a lot of monies as it is. And then Old Spittalfield Markets which were tamer and grandmother approved ( ie. I could take my grandmother there without worrying about shielding her judging eyes ). I spent too much monies here too. SO MUCH FUN. I love market shopping, especially when it’s cheap.

I think travelling to the other side of the globe to learn more about Ancient Egypt probably warrants enough effort spent to cross off 44). Learn all I can ( and remember ) about Ancient Egypt, but I’m making it harder for myself and reading the giant book I was given and haven’t yet read before I cross it off. I will take a pic of it in relation to me so you can see what I mean by giant. FLIPPING MASSIVE.

62). Replace Zachariah, happened totally out of the blue. Zachariah was the most awesome fighting fish in existence before T accidently killed it by giving it too much food and then stirring the water. He literally exploded. I’ve put off getting a new one because my plans of moving seemed cruel to a fish. I don’t think driving around with a fish is intelligent. Anyhoo, I get a call from T saying “ I have a Siamese fighting fish eating all my other fish, help me”. So I take my kick-ass tank which glows and has diamonds instead of rocks and is powered by usb to T’s and get Rupert. He is red and kind of cranky and goddamn adorable. And the tank fit perfectly in the little box next to the driver in the car which is not called the glove box even though my mother keeps her gloves in there.

While I was in London I went several days without a computer. In fact on the plane over I went 24 hours without a computer but technically only 12 hours had passed so I don’t know if it counts. Which shits me. A lot. Anyhoo, for the moment, I will say some days with no specificity. I will check my travel diary ( which was technically my blog without the web bit for the trip ).

I have started 87). Go 6 months without fast food. On Monday, ie the last day of February, I went to maccas to get T and I breakfast. I spilt iced coffee all over Mother Dearest’s car. And now it reeks. T cleaned it really well so I don’t understand in the slightest. Serves me right. Freaking macca’s. I went about 2 years without macca’s so I’m not too fazed by this. It’s more the social aspect that will be awkward.

Simanda, my lovely work mate who I don’t work with anymore, sold me her bed! Her Queen sized bed. Which is a kind of double bed, so I can cross off 101). She up and left us in Australia in favour of love in America. She actually had a significant other there, she’s not some love seeking hippy. And she really is lovely. Anyhoo, it’s in my storage shed, just chilling, til I find a place to live. Which better be soon because my current bed is really quite tiny.

I’ve written loads! I’m almost at uni. Brilliant. Wish me luck with all my new subjects and whatnot. I think I have to keep a blog as part of my homework for one of my subjects. I love my course.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

fuck you, I'm a dragon.

Hey, it's been a while. Yeah. Hi-five for distractions. I actually feel somewhat dirty for giving up actual blogging for tumblr. As much as tumblr is amazing, it's somewhat hipster and plagued with bad grammar and high school drama. So I'm back! Not that I planned my absence, and consequently R's absence ( It's not egotistical, it's the truth. Justsayin' ), of course. And when thinking about how slack I've been I kept imagining that I had SO much to blog about. SO many things to cross off my list. Yeah, not so much.

I haven't crossed it off yet, but a friend from high school is cutting off all of her hair for charity. Which is kind of a big deal. I would go completely nuts with wigs but I can't see her doing that. Anyhoo, I plan to give her some dosh and therefore cross off 31). I'm trying to work out how much she has raised so far but machines hate me in the worst way. Ok, 120$ ish. She wants to get to 1000. It's still early though, she's not doing it until March.

I have decided that I get to cross off 66). because I went and saw Ben Jorgensen last weekend and it was beyond amazing and I could recognise all the Armor for Sleep songs before he got past the intro. Also, his solo stuff is pretty swell. The concert was odd though. He's kind of my musical God. I love and respect everything he's created and always come back to his tunes when all other music sounds like noise. There were maybe 50 people in this bar. 25 of those were paying attention. 10 of us were basically worshipping the sound produced by his vocal chords and guitar. I wanted to yell at everyone else and tell em to shutup because we were witnessing something really fucking beautiful. But I went by myself, knew no one there and felt awkward and therefore did not. And before you ask, no I did not embarrass myself by trying to form words in his presence. I didn't really know what to say to him so I went home. Coz I'm cool that way.

I kind of sort of changed my hair again :| woops. I know. I was planning to cut it all off closer to the end date and rock the pixie 'do, crossing off 73). in the process, but FUCK IT. I dyed it reddish browny purple. Also my fringe has grown out. HOLD UP, photo. Hahaha, it's actually from the night I went to the concert...

why yes, that is a ukelele on my wall XD

According to my psychologist, I'm a weirdo for not wanting a boyfriend. I mean, technically, it's on my list, number 77)., so therefore on some level I must want it. But really, I think it's like reading the bible so you can better argue with christians. If I have dated then it's perfectly reasonable for me to say I don't want it. Right? It's not as if I'm a complete hermit, though. I just don't think sticking my tongue down some guys throat counts as a relationship. Especially considering I knew less than 5 things about him. Stupid psychologists, making me think. bah.

IN OTHER NEWS. I still suck at wearing heels. Crossing off 84). will involve practice and/or cheating. I went out for K's fucking off party and wore heels and died and then swapped shoes with A. I still have A's shoes. Completely flat shoes. How frustrating. My shoes were kitten heels. I have 15cm heels dammit, and I want to rock them, rather than stumble for 10 mins and then give up.

And finally, I work with this lovely girl who happens to be moving to America to marry her bf. It's kind of odd because I consider around my 'level' as in age, maturity, wanting the same things, etc. but she's off the get fucking MARRIED. Which is nuts. NUTS I TELL YOU. Besides the point, when she leaves, she can't take all her furniture and shit so she sold me her bed. It is queen sized and beautiful and soonly mine XD and crosses off 101 for me. And the only reason I can take it is because I got a storage shed. YES. It's pretty cool but costs me about 250$ a month. So that plus the money I pay for board, I pay 450$ a month, to live at home. Can I just say, What the Actual Fuck. On that note I shall leave you a hollow promise of more blogs about books, recipes and movies.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year :)

I've been doing my list for a whole year now. It really doesn't feel that long. I haven't completed near enough, but that's ok because I've decided that this year is going to be goddamn awesome. Or else. Anyway, I've been adventuring all over the state and am finally home, have cleaned my room and have some time so I am updating, because I have been awfully slack of it lately. Sorry.

So chronologically, to please the OCD sufferer within us all:

I tried really hard to see the eclipse for number 13). It was the 21st of December. I was quite ill. In fact I had taken the day off work, travelled from the city where I was cat-sitting, to Hornsby, where I know there is a free doctors clinic just for a medical certificate. It seemed so far. So got the doctors cert, went all that way back. Collapsed on the couch and watched eps of heroes while feeling sorry for myself. Then remembered that the eclipse was that night, spent 30 mins psyching myself up for it and then going outside. I forgot that being in newtown there are trees and buildings fucking everywhere and I lacked the commitment to walk to somewhere with more sky view. So I missed it. I shall wait another 6 months for an opportunity to see a lunar eclipse. If it's cloudy or I somehow miss it again, so-help-me I'll kick something. After dealing with the pain associated with kicking something, I'll come up with a list of things titled eclipse that I could use here as the wording of this goal is a bit ambivalent.

So NYE last night, was in the city. We walked from Wynyard station to some wharf that was a bit past The Rocks. Which was fine, I know The Rocks, no list-ness there. On the way back though, instead of sitting and people watching and waiting for the masses to clear and get on a train later, we kept walking. Oh wynyard, you so full, let's go to town hall. No wait, too crowded too. We'll just walk to fucking central. I WALKED MORE THAN 3.5 KM. yes, I looked it up on google maps. My legs hurt :( But I now understand just how freaking massive george street is.

So as you well and truly should understand by now is the fact that I AM GOING TO LONDON. Quite soon, actually. 6ish weeks. FUCK YES. but list related, yes - I got my passport and can therefore cross off 54). Passports are funny. Well, Australian ones anyway. They have this bit in the middle you can't bend or put in water because it's got technology in it and it's all coloured purple with australian flora and fauna bullshit. ODD. But I have one, so I win :D

Last one, as we enter the new year, I finished a day planner diary whatsit. So I get to cross off 100). I also bought a new one, which is an improved version of the one I had for last year. It's actually super cool :)

So, I've completed 22 items on my list. If I continue at this rate, I'm fucked. But like I said goddamn AWESOME, or else. Lots of list stuff!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

you are not your moustache

I had mad plans of making notes on all the books I'd read so I could blog about them but I forgot :| woops. I dyed bits of my hair blue again and got ditched 3 times, I feel this is sufficient excuse for forgetting. Plus, I remembered the name of the crazy stand-out book AND blogged about it so kudos to me. YES.

I'm back in Newtown. Not for long though. I go home soon, only to leave again, for Tamworth. Whole family driving the multiple hour trip on christmas day. I'm dreading the return trip more though, the dog will be coming back with us. And she's crazy.

I HAD OTHER THINGS TO SAY. Oh yeah. I can cross 63). off my list as I have officially saved 3000$. Then proceeded to spend it on my plane ticket. That's right, I'm officially going to London. I have a plane ticket and travel insurance. It is now going to happen. It was one of those crazy plans that I just assumed I'd be too lazy to follow through on, but there you go.

I never got around to blogging about my awesome day, couple of weekends back, but I realised it was mildly list related so now I'm making an effort: Mother Dearest and I went to a book sale thing which was ridiculous. There was so many people and books. It was excessively hot and I wore jeans and it was in a warehouse and I quite literally melted. But I got an enormous amount of books so it was ok. I spent 60$ and got many. I didn't count them and I can't demonstrate to you how big the stacks of books were but let's say more than what would fill one of those ugly enviro bags from woolies. LOTS, OK? And then Mother Dearest and I got coffee which was dandy and then home. I GOT CHANGED. So much melting. But no more. Then A picked me up and we went adventuring to the city to Paddy's markets ( which is where it becomes list related. But I need to read every post I've ever written to check it counts. FUCK ). I bought all too much but it's all lovely and therefore shutup :) And then back to hers and she introduced me to toddlers and tiaras ( or something ). Basically, small brats and idiotic parents chucking shit fits over plastic head jewellery. HILARIOUS. Go home and nap. Pretty good day, yes?


book #11

When I was adventuring in Tamworth I did quite a bit of reading and therefore ran out of books to read before my multiple hour train trip home. I borrowed "Crawlers" by John Shirley to read on the way home. Just clearing the air, my Pop reads science fiction. And that's about it. I was tossing up between this and another about aliens in love with bacteria or something, so I went with this one.

I'm all for stepping outside the norm every once in a while, but theres stepping and then there's leaping off the cliff of normalcy. This book started with a guy peeing himself because his mutant colleague is about to kill him. Yes. I was reading this on a train, next to a snobby old lady, trying not to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness.

The sad thing is I've read a book similar to this before. Nanotechnology taking over doesn't really have far to stretch out originality wise. Although this one used organic matter ( ie people ) as part of their make up and evolution process which was new. The idea of my parents being taken over by robots and then posing as my parents is mildly terrifying. It was decently written though. I ripped through it, so that's a plus.

I'm thinking 2.5 stars. Mostly because I want people to read it despite it's ridiculous nature. It's more a "read this, it's hilarious!", rather than a "read this, it's brilliant!".

Friday, December 17, 2010

you must know...

So I havn't blogged as much as I intended what with having a house to myself and being able to do whatever the fuck I want because I've been having too much fun doing other stuff. I'm leaving for work in like uhmm 5 minutes ago... but I went out the other night and it was awesome and I say people should get phone numbers from cute guys for their friends and accidentally end up at lesbian night in clubs more often because it's fucking hilarious.

I love having the extreme lack of fear inhibiting my actions. It's great. You should all try doing and saying exactly what you want to more often. It's lovely.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

movie #12

Totes found my movie list. Scott Pilgrim vs the World. YEAH. I can’t remember if I blogged about this or not which is unfortunate as I have no way to check. Ah well. This was so long ago. Damnit. I saw it with H. Twas hilarious, but another one you can’t even attempt to take seriously. It was good though. I like Michael Cera. I REMEMBER WHY I PUT THIS OFF. It’s boring. I can’t expect you enjoy my ramblings about movies. Mostly because I hate writing anything specific because my uncle does this thing where he tells you so much about it you feel like you’ve already seen it. I should do this drunk. HAHA. Sorry.

The first evil ex was my favourite. HE SUNG. And could fly somehow. And dance while flying. DA FUCK? The vegan one was also pretty fucking hilarious. Oh and the girl was just a bit WHAT? I don’t even…?! Oh oh, favourite characters and I didn’t say the gay roommate. DAMN. So many lolz. I can’t remember their names. I should watch it again. I think my descriptions are quite easy to interpret though, to be honest.

I liked how they used the typography and stuff to have the whole movie look and feel like a video game. That was quite cool.

I’m giving up. 4 stars. Blah Blah Blah. I’ll go watch it again.